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Latin to Thaana

Type in Latin and have it converted to Thaana as you type.

Spell Check

Spell checking as you type with an 80,000 Dhivehi word list.

Works with Office

Works with most Windows program, including MS Office.


Easy to use

Xiosis Akuru is a Thaana typing solution for Windows. Akuru is easy to use. Install, switch language to Dhivehi and start typing in your program as normal. Akuru would automatically activate and offer suggestions. Akuru also provides a tool for changing the font Windows uses for Dhivehi and a small Thaana editor.

Akuru is an intuitive software designed with features that increase productivity and save time. It offers solid Thaana language support, faster document creation, and an easier work flow. Akuru is a great tool that can help you streamline your work.

Latin to Thaana

Typing in English is faster than typing in Thaana, because most people are used to the English key positioning. Latin to Thaana helps you keep the same level of speed as typing in English. The Latin to Thaana key conversion is intuitive and easy to learn.

Works with any software

Akuru works with almost all modern Windows applications. Just select Dhivehi in the language bar and start typing as normal. Akuru would start working instantly. Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Notepad are just some examples of software that you can use Akuru with. It works with any version of Windows from XP and above. Most 32-bit applications on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows are supported.

Spell Check

Avoid embarrassing mistakes by spell checking your document. Akuru features an 80,000 word list compiled by Xiosis, which includes modern and common use words. Spell check shows suggested corrections if you type a word that is not in the word list.

Word Complete

Thaana word completion reduces the number of words you have to type by offering suggestions to complete words that you have previously used in the document.


Define short macro texts for commonly used Dhivehi phrases and have Akuru suggest the phrase whenever you type the macro text. For example, if you define 'dvr' as a macro for ދިވެހިރާއްޖެ Akuru would suggest ދިވެހިރާއްޖެ whenever you type 'dvr'.


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